Sunday, May 31, 2009

Skin Trade

Anita Blake Book 17 - Anita receives a decapitated head in the mail. It is a gift from Vittorio, the serial killer that got away in Incubus Dreams. He wants to lure her to Las Vegas where he has set up shop.

Anita travels to LA to warn the local law enforcement that he could start killing again, but when she arrives she finds she is too late. Ten police offers and 1 vampire hunter have already lost their lives.

If that's not bad enough, while working with cops, Anita begins to sense weretiger. At least she has Edward as backup.

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Guilty Pleasures to be a TV Movie

I have been hoping for a long time that the Anita Blake books would either be made into movies or a tv series, and now my wish has come true.

IFC and Laurell K Hamilton have announced that Guilty Pleasures will be adapted for a TV movie. Production will start this summer. And if the movie is successful, the network plans to adapt more of the books into movies as well.

How exciting! I just hope they do it right and capture what we love from the series. I am very curious to see which actors they choose to play the parts, especially Anita and Jean-Claude. Will they use well known actors or newcomers?

What do you think?

Skin Trade Release

Anita Blake 17 - Skin Trade - is due for release tomorrow (June 2, 2009) and I have already pre-ordered my copy. I am very excited. With The Harlequin and Blood Noir, Laurell K Hamilton got back to what made the series great in the first place and I cannot wait to see where Skin Trade will take the story.

I curious to see what will happen now that Jason is Anita's wolf to call and also what develops with Haven and Crispin. Hopefully my copy, will be in my hands within a few days so I can read all about it.

Post your comments and let me know where you think the story is leading now.

Anita Blake Updates

It has been a long while since I have posted here, but with the excitement of the release of Skin Trade (Anita Blake book 17) and the announcement about the new movie, I had to get back to it.

In celebration on these events, I did some updating on my Anita Blake lens. It now includes a description of each book in the Anita series, a detailed overview, and more links than before.

I hope you'll stop by and take a look and while you are there, be sure to leave a comment :)

Blood Noir

Anita Blake 16:

Jason needs a favor. He asks Anita to go home with him to see his dying father. Of course, Anita agrees. Jason is one of her best friends.

When they reach Jason's hometown, he is mistaken for the son of a very important man and all hell breaks loose.

And when they least expect it, Marmee Noir strikes. She cuts Anita's ties to Jean-Claude and Richard and flows power over Anita from over a thousand miles away.

You can order your copy of Blood Noir from Amazon through my Anita Blake lens.
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